We offer a variety of possibilities

                              to store your boat


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Dry Storage covered/uncovered


Dry storage is ideal for guests who have their trailer, but don't want to deal with all th prep work, but just arrive, park the car and get on with boating - on 2 hours notice, we will:

  • uncover your boat (in our storage on your trailer)
  • launch it on our private boat ramp
  • have it on one of our front docks ready for you to go
  • upon your return, we put it back on the trailer
  • cover it up and store it
  • on request, re-fuel it and check the oil

For rates and availablity please contact us at:


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Boat Detailing Services

Please call 325-388-9393 for an appointment

We are proud to offer the following cleaning/detailing options - all procedures are completed promptly, using only the very best specific Marine formulated chemicals and cleaning agents.

All detailing services are being performed on our property; we do offer the option to pick-up/drop-off your boat/PWC from and to your boathouse for a nominal fee.


Option 1: General Clean

Option 2: Exterior Only Detail

Option 3: Exterior Detail and Interior General Clean

Option 4: Complete Exterior and Interior Detail


1) General Clean

Price: $ 5.00 / foot

Handwashing the Interior and Exterior and drying with a towel. Mildew remover will be used in open areas when necessary. We vacuum the carpet and clean the glass. Cleaning out storage areas is not included in this option

2) Exterior Only Detail

Price: $ 10.00 / foot (Triple pontoons $ 15.00 / foot)

We hand clean the exterior. The Exterior will be polished to help bring back the gloss of the gel coat followed by a wax application to protect the finish. (polishing and wax is to the edge of the hull just below the waterline)

Outdrive will be cleaned to the best of our abilities to remove scale and lime deposits. For pontoons we clean the tubes with an aluminum brightener

3) Exterior Detail and Interior General Clean

Price: $ 15.00 / foot (Triple pontoons $ 20.00 / foot)

Exterior is the same as option 2) above. Interior is hand washed using a Marine non-foaming cleaner and towel dried. We clean the glass and vacuum the open carpeted areas. This does not include cleaning or vacuuming storage areas.

4) Complete Exterior and Interior Detail

Price: $ 20.00 / foot (Triple pontoons $ 25.00 / foot)

Exterior is the same as option 2) above. Interior in addition is cleaned with a special foaming Marine Vinyl cleaner (or leather cleaner as appropriate) for a deep clean. Open carpeted areas will be cleaned with a professional carpet extractor. All storage areas will be wiped clean if fiberglass, vacuumed if carpeted. Windows will be cleaned.


Boats that are very dirty and/or oxidized may require additional time and cleaning products. In such cases we will give you an estimate first. When the finish is badly oxidized we may not be able the get the boat back to it's original color. Also, it is likely that the boat will oxidize rather quickly again.

When having your boat cleaned/detailed, please keep the following in mind:

Once you boat leaves our premises we cannot protect it from rain, wind, leaves, etc..

Polishing and waxing creates static electricity and will attract dust to the surface

It does not take long for a clean boat to get dirty when sitting outside, even though it's on a covered hoist


Please call 325-388-9393 for an appointment